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Desire a change in surrounding environment?  It is now made easy with the help of us. Dreams become tangible when we put the sweat & work into making everything run smoothly. We feel alive as we step out of design boundaries, explore the color picker, push structure limits and watch transformation happens right before our eyes.

Last Update: July 23, 2024

Dear Readers,

As we all know, while browsing through photos after photos for reference to find out what you like and want to implement in your house. Looking around us, most average Singaporean’s wealth probably comes through hard earn savings from slogging hard in their job. Do you agree that getting a house in Singapore is expensive enough & yet there are still costs yet to factor in? Eg. Renovation? However, many people when comes to renovation always have these concerns/questions? Is this true?

  1. How to plan schedule for my house project?
  2. How much budget should I set aside for renovation?
  3. Who should I engage? Designer or Contractor?
  4. Does a Designer charge more than Contractor?
  5. How to avoid deadly hidden cost?
  6. Where to look for a friendly & experience designer reliable and resourceful?
  7. Where to look for so many different skillful workers with good workmanship?

And now let us look at another angle. Have you ever asked yourself why some homeowners are happy and satisfied while some seem to suffer through out? The answer is SIMPLE!

  • To just appoint someone randomly is highly risky. Bottom line is either you engage an irresponsible person, waste precious money unnecessarily or lucky enough to engage the right person and enjoy a hassle free renovation.
  • If you simply go for someone so called cheapest in the market you may be taking a huge risk with perhaps a scammer and you may have to pay for the mistakes later to unforeseen deadly hidden cost.
  • Only through wise selection of designer, then you will be able to allow your money to be used to build your dream home. Many companies simply send sales people to meet you and of course expect the benefits/sales-talk/perks of products they can throw in for free.
  • What is going to happens over here is, we will be sharing with you is how you can have access to those designers that we have screen through to ensure a smooth sailing renovation. Ask any happy homeowners and they will be able to tell you that Renovation Singapore is something that is not just saving people from spending unnecessarily but also helping them getting where they want to be.

“If hiring someone reliable = settle all these hassles, do you think it is worth it?” 🤔

Why Us?


When you engaged us, there is no need to look for any one else as we are the One-Stop place that takes great care of everything for you, from ceiling to floor, every single little thing. What we want to acheve is giving you an experience that is fast and wonderful. The Inner Circle is certainly a band of brothers that will stick with one another for life. The resort is just like our “Curahee Mountain”.

“The way to have a friend is to be one” 🤜🤛



When you come home after time way, you need to feel comfortable. Your home is where you sleep, unwind, spend precious time with your family. Renovation Singapore workers has nearly three decades of experience as custom home builders creating personalized, inviting living spaces. We are devoted to learning about you, and your needs and desires for your new home, to suit you and your lifestyle. As well, we understand the enormous decision it is to have a custom house built. We make it our mission to take the stress out of the process and eliminate surprises by keeping you informed 100% of the way.

“Invest in renovation ultimately benefits your family & you” 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦



Are you well prepared?

“Getting your keys to your first house? Look to revamp your current existing place? If you are not a professional designer, it can be a lot of hassle settling everything by yourself. Many people we have met seems to have the same issues, they do not know what they want, they only knows what’s nice and what’ not, but without considering many other factors, the materials, the styles, the budget to set aside and if a nice theme or concept actually suits your lifestyle and personality. with interior that fits your personality and lifestyle?”

We Provide free consultation / site visit

  • Ideas And Concept Discussion
  • Free Quotation Estimation
  • Things To Watch Out For

Probably The Best Renovation Platform

Here’s Why…


We were OVERWHELM by the response in our pre launched of Renovation Singapore (Online Portal)


We enjoy bringing joy that we brought to different ones We look to maintain HIGH SATISFACTION RATE, give us a chance to make your world a better place!


This is a FAST GROWING COMMUNITY of helpful individual, helping one another building their homes


This is a long term journey together, MANY TURNED INTO GOOD FRIENDS!The testimonials from clients gave us tremendous motivation to deliver better works and believe in what we do.

We found out about Renovation Singapore from visiting our friend’s house and were impressed by the workmanship’s quality, especially the carpentry workmanship and mechanism used. Both ID and workers helped us to achieve our dream home with constant input of their creative advice, honest opinions and we managed to achieve it within our budget. Till date, the ID is still in contact with us and continue to provide us with support and became a good friend of ours.

Edward Tan

Do You Need Some Inspiration?

(Check Out These Classy Works Of Creative Ones)

where you draw nearer to all that matters


Nothing is better than going home and spending time with my family. I look forward to meeting any one of them and when we all get together, I simply love it! If you go anywhere, even paradise, you will miss your home!

About Us?


When you engaged anyone through Renovation Singapore, there is no need to look for any one else as we are the One-Stop place that takes great care of everything for you, from floor to ceiling, every single little thing. What we want to achieve is giving you a wonderful experience that is fast and memorable.


We are a team of professionals with vast experience (more than 7 years in respective works) to assists inexperience homeowners to understand what you want and look forward to have a chance to assist with you.


“With the increasing population, more housing will be build. We look to assist homeowners to link up with the reliable people to achieve a smooth sailing renovation.”


We enjoy bringing joy that we brought to different ones We look to maintain high satisfaction rate, give us a chance to make your world a better place!


This is a long journey together, many turned good friends! The testimonials and support from clients gave us tremendous motivation to deliver better works and believe in what we do.


  • Fastest way to look for designers = Contact you within 2 days. Save time on looking for the right one yourself.
  • Creative & friendly designers = Minimum of 7 years experience to ensure an enjoyable renovation journey.
  • Experience team of workers = Most are above 10 years experience, crucial in producing good workmanship.
  • Reliable & reputable suppliers & dealings = Above average quality products & materials, with reasonable pricing.
  • One stop services = We search for what you need. Save your time in sourcing.
  • Just one contact point with designers = Avoid unnecessary miscommunication with many people.
  • Continued service after renovation = After sales support gives a worry free even after everything is done.
  • No obligation if in the end, you choose not to proceed with the designers = Nothing to lose for you.


We help you connect the dots for a hassle free process

We Are The Future Of Interior Design 🌍

Desire a change in surrounding environment?  It is now made easy with the help of us. Dreams become tangible we put the sweat & work into making everything run smoothly. We feel alive as we step out of design boundaries, explore the color picker, push structure limits and watch transformation happens right before our eyes.


The best resources, methods and people we recommend to get the job done right.



Accurate Itemised quotation gives you a clear understanding of what you are paying for.



Professionals with the right methods, tools and tips to speed up your site. Move you closer to your dream home!


We give important advice to help you in your purchases. We can accompany or do the shopping for you.


It is always ideal to meet up on site so that we can analyse and advice you correctly.


Details determine results. Efforts put in planning, preparation including schedule.



Although the professionals are fast in their respective works, but we maintain the high standard of workmanship.


One contact point to settle all issues or questions that you may have. Communication is the key to success!



We are here to assist you to settle defect checklist and make sure your house is in acceptable condition.


Time consuming thinking? We make sure interior look consistent & awesome!


Design don’t matter if it doesn’t work. We do testing on our works that covers electrical & carpentry works.



We safeguard your home, with warranty & after sales support, and not to mention be part of this exclusive community!

#renovationsingapore 🛠

Renovation Singapore is more than just a useful online portal… It’s also an amazing community of like-minded people and sharing culture.

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Workers & Partnership


Happy Customers increase this year


Looking To Renovate? But Felt Clueless? Not Knowing Where To Start?

You know what I’m talking about. It is difficult to think of ideas and sometimes you are not able to put your preference into words. You have been surfing online or browsing magazine for ideas… You assume you know what you are doing… You seems to be fickle minded in decision! You are frustrated throughout the planning… And then…

You’re Stuck!

‘They’ got you… You don’t know how where to look for the right people. You don’t know how to design. It’s like you’re being given this mission and it’s going downhill… And the money-trap of having to pay way too much money for something you don’t even know if it’s worth it… And yet, somehow, things that you think should be SO SIMPLE.. things that should only take a few days… Somehow become weeks, and then months and there goes your precious time. With each passing day, your excitement for your dream place gets dimmer and dimmer until one day it’s gone and you just do a basic renovation which is far from what you want… MONEY WASTED… PRECIOUS TIME WASTED… with little or nothing to be proud of.

Sadly, This Is Where Most Homeowners Dreams Die

Somewhere between the “idea”… and reality, there is a huge gap that is challenging to bridge.

This Is Why THOUSANDS Of Homeowners Are Currently Worrying about!

“We Give You EVERYTHING YOU NEED To Achieve The Home You Desire By Linking You With The Right People” 

(Without Wasting Time To Meet The Wrong People)

Through Our Intuitive Calculator! 👉
(Result Is Base On Hundreds Of Projects)

It is a relatively easy to use portal. We needed just some mid scale works such as electrical, ceiling and painting works rather than an extreme makeover. The professional workers provided an excellent service throughout our home renovation. The coordination was smooth too, probably because of their willingness. They even helped to settle some minor issues after the handover. Overall, we would say it was a pleasant experience.

Luke & Family

… And Using Renovation Singapore Can Bring Them Closer To Their Dream Home FAST!

EVERYTHING You Need To Design And Build Your IDEAL Place Can Start In Just 60 Seconds!

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can fill up your details running in as little as 60 seconds! Before Renovation Singapore, if you wanted to renovate your place, you had to think of the designs yourself or go through the trouble to meet different companies and guess which person can deliver what you have in mind. It is often a lengthy process piecing together every element yourself, which is definitely  more challenging than it sounds (and yet under the risk of getting a shock of additional charges during the midst of renovation!) All the heart attacks…

❌ Irresponsible designers
❌ Lousy workmanship
❌ Deadly hidden cost
❌ And poor coordination

You still had to plan a hectic schedule (probably your first time planning which means you will most likely overlook many important details) and coordinate all the workers or suppliers yourself (they may or may not work peacefully together, mind you, they are of different age, nationality and personality) and hope that you have a successful project at the end…

Nobody Wants To DEAL With All The TECHNICAL Details, PRECISE Measurements And COUNTLESS Materials Selections!

With Renovation Singapore, everything you need can be found here. We only consider above average materials and we have the experience to know which materials and colours are matching and suitable for the concept/themes you want and automatically pieced together for you, so that you can have a hassle free, smooth renovation process.

As You Can See… Renovation Singapore Has Already Helped COUNTLESS People Around The World… The Question Is…

Are YOU Next?

Like we mentioned before, you can signup now for a FREE meet up and discussion and see if we are of any help to you! Oh, and in case you’re wondering…

There Is NO CATCH!

“Ok…all this free stuff… What’s the catch?” So, there is NO catch. But there is a very specific reason why we’re doing this… A few reasons, actually: It’s one of the best ways I can think of to give back and contribute. We firmly believe that in order to keep growing in business, at a certain point, we must know how to reach out to more customer, and help them to turn their place into a reality. Renovation Singapore needs to be USED in order to fully grasp how it can help simplify the renovation process online. You wouldn’t dream of starting a renovation without first having a meet up with a qualified person to see what he/she can do (and if it’s the right fit), right? We’ve tried to give you EVERY reason to say YES, but now it is YOUR choice. So, which one’s it gonna’ be? If you want to choose the life of financial security and freedom… we’re giving you the incredibly simple, easy, cheap and quick way to switch over to the side of life where worries are few and fun is a-plenty! Make no mistake. Your decision whether to take the free meet up or not does not affect us or our lifestyle one bit.

If You Do Nothing… NOTHING Happens.

We won’t live any differently than we do now. Our life won’t change one lick if you decide against coming on board with us. But…YOUR PLACE could change dramatically when you take advantage of this opportunity to start on our shoulders – and get everything you need to turn it into reality. By having a FREE meet up. You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose. You’ve already seen the wonderful interiors in videos, and now it’s YOUR TIME to get make it your own!

Time Is Of The ESSENCE

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve already taken a gigantic step forward. The next step? Action. Action is the real key to kickstart your renovation project! Simply… – Fill up your details – we will contact you within 2 working days. – Fix a meet up and discuss further. But it begins only to those who actually DO SOMETHING, not talk about doing something. You can either give your house a new face lift or perhaps an extreme makeover or live in a messy old interior for years. I think the choice is clear.

What Are You Still..

Waiting For?

Register Your INTEREST Today!

✅ Fastest way to look for designers
✅ Creative & friendly designers
✅ Experience team of workers
✅ Reliable & reputable suppliers & dealings
✅ One-Stop services
✅ Just one contact point with designers
✅ Continued service after renovation


We help you connect the dots for a hassle free process

No obligation if in the end, you choose not to proceed with the designers